Our Story

Love+Food began in January 2019 when Juan and Estefania realized how much love they had for food. So, they decided to start documenting and creating content of their experiences on instagram.

They didn’t want it to stop there. They wanted to be able to share the photos but also give a better idea of what each restaurant offers besides great food. So, they created loveandfood.co.

loveandfood.co will help clients with directions to the restaurant, what the restaurant offers in the sense of seating, patios, etc. and as well as food recommendations.

Meet the Founders

Love+Food was created by Juan Gomez and Estefania Silva.

Juan has spent the last 7 years as the Director of Marketing for an online marketing company in Miami. Juan has proven to be a master with computers and with online marketing.

Estefania full time, works in healthcare at a Hospital in Toronto, Coordinating and Supervising patient flow for the Surgical Services department. Known as the great planner!