Havana Nights


February 25,2019, a Monday afternoon but also, our last day spent together before I had to head back to Toronto for work. Juan had mentioned he heard of this great restaurant in Little Havana and of course I knew I could trust his recommendations. We headed over to Ball & Chain.

As we approached the restaurant we saw people gathered outside smiling and dancing. There was a live cuban band and singer….who had the baddest dance moves!

The front and back of the restaurant was open concept which made the restaurant look spacious and welcoming. We decided to sit at the back where the patio was so we could enjoy the sun and warm weather. I didn’t notice from the front what the patio had to offer but once we got closer, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the landscape was. Each seating area had beautiful trees, flowers or vines surrounding it. I immediately got super happy. (haha)

We sat down at the back corner so I could view this beautiful palm tree and flower vine blowing in the wind..It was quite calming. We started reading the menu, it had so many delicious apps. We started with plantains and chicharrones. Now, me being portuguese alot of these spanish foods are new to me but I’m always willing to try anything. I took a bite into the chicharrones and just starred at Juan. “What is this? Why is it so delicious?” Of course, he laughs at me. “It’s pork baby”. Ahhhhh pork, so much goodness. We literally ate that in 3 minutes so, we ordered some shrimp and tacos. Which were absolutely delicious as well.

My overall feeling was I felt so comfortable at Ball & Chain. I don’t know if it was the food, my company 😉 or the atmosphere or maybe a mixture of everything but I felt relaxed and happy in that moment.

Perfect for a first date or a group of friends wanting to enjoy an afternoon or evening together. I honestly can not wait to spend another afternoon next to Juan at Ball and Chain.

<3 E

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